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50 Fun Solo Date Night Ideas

50 Fun Solo Date Night Ideas

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Are you single and dreading the thought of spending Valentine’s Day alone? Stuck in a funk feeling overwhelmed by the crazy schedule of life, or are you just in need of some “me” time? No matter the reason, don’t worry, We’ve got you covered! Here are 50 solo date night ideas that will show you how easy it is to treat yourself and enjoy your own company without missing out on all the other amazing things life has to offer.

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What Does It Mean To Date Yourself?

50 Fun solo date night ideas

Dating yourself is one of the most underrated, yet liberating, things you can do! It means taking the time to reconnect with your needs and desires without any external expectations or pressures.

It looks different for everyone, but it can involve spending time alone and indulging in self-care activities that bring you joy. Whether that’s a weekend getaway somewhere new or a cosy evening at home with a good book. It can also involve exploring new hobbies, trying out new restaurants and cafes, or simply taking a walk around your neighbourhood.

The key is to do whatever feels right for you and makes you feel happy and fulfilled. This can be especially important if you are single or going through a challenging time in your life. By prioritizing self-care, you can create more space for positive experiences and spend time doing things that truly make you happy.

Benefits Of Dating Yourself

Dating yourself may sound a little strange, but it can be hugely beneficial for your well-being and mental health.

Taking time out to focus solely on what you want and need can help you develop a feeling of self-love and appreciation. It also gives you a chance to figure out what truly makes you happy.

Not only can it provide some much need time to pause and reflect, but it also shows you don’t have to rely on anyone else for satisfaction, something that will serve you for the rest of your life!

How To Plan A Solo Date

Planning a solo date is far easier than planning a date with someone else as the only person you need to please, is YOU!

However, if you’re new to solo dating, it can feel a little daunting at first, so here are a few tips to get you started:

  • First things first, schedule your solo date into your calendar. Choose a day with the least distractions and responsibilities so you can pay full attention to yourself.
  • Write it down so it becomes real. By seeing it written down you are reminded about your date daily and it keeps you accountable.
  • Take your solo date seriously and treat it like you would a proper date, make that commitment to yourself and show yourself that love.
  • Make it special by getting dressed up or wearing your favourite outfit.
  • Talk about your solo date with friends to build excitement (you never know, you might encourage them to do the same).

50 Solo Date Ideas:

At-Home Solo Date Night Ideas:

Dating yourself, date ideas

1. Make yourself a three-course dinner, light some candles and open a bottle of wine.

2. Have a DIY Spa day at home

3. Teach yourself a new craft, you can find lots of inspiration and tutorials on YouTube.

4. Bake some treats.

5. Have a Netflix day.

6. Decorate a space.

7. Indulge in a new hobby/craft.

8. Turn your home into a movie theatre.

9. Do something creative!

10. Have a comedy night, watching some local improv, a stand-up, or simply playing back some comedy shows on your laptop. It’s good to have a giggle!

Cheap Solo Date Night Ideas:

Date night ideas for singles

11. Spend an afternoon in the library getting lost and reading books.

12. Go for a day out at a National Trust location and learn about the local history.

13. Volunteer at an animal shelter or local soup kitchen.

14. Make or buy your favourite nibbles, bake a cake and head down to the park for a solo picnic.

15. Head to a viewpoint to watch the sunset.

16. Try a new fitness class like acro or aerial yoga or even pole dancing.

17. Attend a workshop or event.

18. Head to a coffee shop.

19. Learn some local history.

20. Go for a walk in nature.

Fancy Solo Date Night Ideas:

Date night ideas for singles

21. Book yourself into the spa for a day or weekend.

22. Go on a 3-day digital detox 

23. Go shopping and get a makeover.

24. Take a boat tour.

25. Get all dressed up and head to the theatre.

26. Go for afternoon tea somewhere posh.

27. Book a fancy hotel and get room service.

28. Do a mini-home photoshoot, and get some boss pictures that make you feel pretty damn hot!

29. Buy an experience day and find the next available slot to do it.

30. Hire a fancy car and go for a drive.

Fun Solo Date Night Ideas:

Date night ideas for singles

31. Catch a movie at the cinema, get there early and treat yourself to some popcorn.

32. Sign up for an in-person creative workshop like a candle-making or flower-arranging class.

33. Sign up for a beginner rock climbing class.

34. Be a tourist for the day in your closest city and go to all the major hotspots. Consider scheduling a guided tour or hopping onto a sightseeing bus.

35. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and do a skydive or bungee jump.

36. Take a cooking class.

37. Go Geocaching.

38. Join a hiking group.

39. Join a wild swimming group and take a dip.

40. Take a trip to a fun fair/amusement park.

Seasonal Solo Date Night Ideas:

50 Fun solo date night ideas

41. Go to an outdoor food market or festival and eat guilt-free.

42. Go ice skating.

43. Go fruit picking (or pumpkins in the fall)

44. Go to an outdoor movie theatre.

45. Go camping.

46. Make some handmade Christmas ornaments.

47. Make some DIY holiday gifts

48. Go stargazing.

49. Drive around looking at Christmas lights.

50. Build a fire and make s’mores.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 50 amazing, unique solo date night ideas that will help make your time spent single just as thrilling (if not more!) than any coupled-up date night. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start enjoying life to the fullest, on your own terms!

Thanks so much for stopping by, I appreciate every one of you who takes the time to read and make it to the end! I have lots of exciting new content coming in the next few weeks so make sure you pop back to catch up!

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