30 Self-love affirmation

30 Self-Love Affirmations to Love Yourself More!

Do you struggle with self-love and confidence? Are you looking for an easy way to start loving yourself more? You’re in luck! I’m here to share 30 of my favourite self-love affirmations that have helped me learn how to accept and love who I am, my flaws and all.

Whether it’s something as simple as starting your day off right or a mantra before taking on the world, self-love affirmations can be incredibly beneficial when building an emotional resilience toolkit. If you want to increase your self-esteem, today is a great time to begin the journey, so let’s get started!

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What are Self-love Affirmations?

Self-love is something we all struggle with at times. However, using self-love affirmations is a great way to inject positive thoughts into your mindset.

Learning to love ourselves is one of the most important lessons we can learn in life. After all, how can we be truly happy if we aren’t satisfied with ourselves? Not loving ourselves can cause a multitude of problems in both our personal and professional lives. 

Have you ever done any of the following:

  • Not going out with friends because you aren’t happy with the way you look?
  • Not wearing a skirt or shorts on a hot day because you feel uncomfortable?
  • Looked in the mirror and been saddened at what you see?
  • Don’t let anyone take a picture of you because you don’t like the way you look.
  • Not applying for that dream job because you don’t feel adequate?

If any of these statements ring a bell, you need some self-love. Practising self-love affirmations is an excellent way to change your mindset. Over time, practising positive affirmations can help you delete all your negative thoughts and feelings about yourself, reprogramming the mind to think more positively about yourself, thus improving your self-esteem.

If you are new to using affirmations, pick out one or two of the following self-love affirmations. Eventually, you will learn to ignore the negative thoughts and start believing the positive ones.

There are several ways to use affirmations. What’s important is that you find affirmations that resonate with you. Try saying them out loud, writing them down or chanting them in your mind like a mantra.

30 Self-Love Affirmations:

Here are 30 self-love affirmations to help you overcome those negative thoughts and life-limiting beliefs.

1. I am strong!

2. I am enough!

3. I can achieve anything I want!

4. I am confident!

5. I am worthy of love!

6. I am beautiful!

7. I am smart!

8. I will succeed!

9. I am not my mistakes!

10. I choose to be happy!

30 Self-love affirmations

11. I am creative!

12. I deserve the best!

13. I make a difference!

14. I am brave!

15. I am resilient!

16. I am proud of myself!

17. I am unique!

18. I am a priority!

19. I am free of regret!

20. I am grateful!

30 Self-love affirmations

21. I believe in myself!

22. I am more than my body!

23. I accept myself as I am!

24. I know I’m doing the best I can!

25. I attract opportunities!

26. I am healing more and more each day!

27. I trust that I am on the right path!

28. I will do something for myself today!

29. I appreciate the small stuff in life!

30. I will not take things for granted!

30 Self-love affirmations

Final Thoughts

Practising self-love affirmations is one of the most important tools for fueling positive and healthy mental habits and a deeper level of self-awareness. Each positive affirmation can shift our perspective and build a kind and compassionate relationship with ourselves.

Inviting a practice of self-love into our daily routine will help us reach our goals and carry cheerfulness, acceptance, and gratitude within us wherever we go. Take the time to explore these 30 self-love affirmations to see if something resonates with you.

Finally, no matter how far you have come on your journey towards understanding who you are and unconditionally loving yourself, there is always time to embrace these life-changing 30 self-love affirmations!

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30 Self-love affirmations
30 Self-love affirmations

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