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15 Daily Habits Of Organised People!

15 Daily Habits Of Organised People!

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Are you looking for ways to become more organised and focused in your daily life? Wonder no more! In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the top 15 habits of organised people that you can use to help improve both your productivity and efficiency. With just a few small changes, you could soon be making the most out of your day like never before, so let’s dive right into it!

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15 Daily Habits Of Organised People:

We all know someone at work or school that is religiously organised! They seem to have no trouble at all reaching deadlines and completing work, with plenty of time to spare! But how do they do it? 

If you’re not naturally organised it can be hard to keep on top of a busy workload or lifestyle. Before you know it, you’re juggling too many things, ultimately risking stress, anxiety, burnout or illness! However, getting organised can be as simple as changing or introducing a few new habits. 

So to help you get more organised and take back control of your life, we’ve put together this list of 15 daily habits of highly organised people! You don’t have to start these all at once but by introducing some of these habits into your daily life you will gradually start to become more organised, focused, less stressed and able to enjoy more free time! 

1. They Make Lists

One of the best ways to get organised is to make lists! By making a list you can keep track of the tasks that still need to be completed, prioritise your workload and keep yourself mentally focused. 

Lists don’t always have to be task-related either, you can make a list for almost anything! Shopping lists, bucket lists, reading lists, whatever it is, a list will help you stay organised and focused! 

There are also those feelings of achievement once a list or item has been completed. This can spur you on to achieve even more!

2. They Prioritise

Highly organised people can prioritise their workload efficiently, focusing on the most important tasks first! This is where making lists is useful!

One tip I use is to prioritise tasks into 3 separate categories, urgent, important and optional. I then concentrate on the urgent tasks first, then the important and then if I have time I will try to complete the optional less important tasks. 

Being able to prioritise effectively is not something that can always be done easily but over time as you become more organised it will get easier.

3. They Set Alarms And Reminders

If you have lots to get done throughout the day, one way to start getting organised is to set reminders. I find the best way to do this is by setting an alarm on my phone. This way I don’t get distracted and lose track of time!

One of the things I’m guilty of is forgetting to have breaks, so I use alarms as reminders to have a break or make some lunch! If I don’t, it can get to 4 in the afternoon without me having anything to eat!

Alarms are also great for keeping on top of appointments, organising your time throughout the day or even just reminding you to take something out of the freezer!

4. They Read And Reply To Emails Daily

Most organised people will check and respond to emails daily. It doesn’t matter what time of day you do it, what matters is dedicating time to do it! 

I do this every evening, that way I can add any important tasks to my list of jobs for the following day. If there’s something that can be done right away, I’ll do it rather than leave it for another time, this way I keep my inbox organised.

5. They Keep Files And Paperwork In Order

I find there’s nothing worse than wasting time searching for a particular file especially when it’s needed urgently! By keeping all your files, documents and other paperwork in an organised manner, you’ll not only help speed up workflow, but it will also save you time and energy searching for such items when you need them most!

6. They Put Everything Back Where It Belongs

In the same way, organising files helps keep you organised, always putting things back in their rightful place helps too!

7. They Don’t Leave Tasks Half Done

Leaving tasks half-done is one of the worst things you can do to say organised! Unless the task is huge or likely to take numerous days to complete always try to complete them before moving on to the next. Otherwise, you’ll end up with numerous half-done tasks that you’ll likely forget about, lose motivation to complete and leave you at risk of not completing your goals!

By all means, if your struggling with something take a break but don’t put something on the back burner just because you can’t be bothered to complete it! 

8. They Have A Routine

Having a solid routine is paramount to staying organised! One of the best things I ever started doing is changing my morning routine for the better. Instead of pressing snooze 10 times before eventually getting out of bed and then rushing around getting ready, I started to get up earlier, which gave me more time to prepare for the day ahead!

9. They Set Goals

Setting goals gives you a long-term vision with short-term motivation! By setting goals you can focus on what you want to achieve and give yourself a roadmap on how to get there!

When setting goals, split bigger goals into smaller chunks that are easier to achieve. This makes achieving your end goal more manageable and less daunting!

10. They Know When To Ask For Help

Organised people aren’t afraid to ask for help when needed. It may be just a bit of advice on how to complete a certain task or it could be reaching out to those more experienced. 

Whatever you need help with, asking for help when needed will always be a good thing, after all, we can’t know everything and there’s always room to learn more!

11. Able To Delegate

Just as knowing when to ask for help is important, knowing when to delegate is also crucial when trying to stay organised. At the end of the day, we are all human and sometimes it’s impossible to complete everything we need to do. 

You could be the most super organised person ever but occasionally life can throw a curve ball. Instead of trying to keep on top of things when this happens, share the workload! Whether it’s professional or personal there will always be someone willing to help!

12. Don’t Get Bogged Down With Perfectionism

We all want things to be perfect but focusing too much on perfection can also be detrimental! Perfectionism can drive us to unrealistic goals, and expectations and even lead to procrastination!

It’s important to remember nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. However, mistakes and failure can also lead us to success, after all, making mistakes is what helps us learn, grow and develop our skills!

13. Don’t Procrastinate

We’re all guilty of Procrastination at some time. However, over a long period, it can lead to de-motivation and disillusion with our work!

By putting off jobs or tasks we are ultimately making our workload harder, thus making it more difficult to achieve our goals! You’re never gonna get things done if your constantly putting things off for a later date!

14. Declutter Regularly 

If your living space is a mess, this generally reflects a chaotic mind, reducing your ability to stay focused! By de-cluttering regularly and keeping your work/living space clean and tidy, research suggests you are more likely to be more focused and organised in your daily life.

15. Look After Themselves

Lastly organised people know the benefit of looking after themselves. By taking timeout to de-stress and indulge in some self-care activities you are more likely to be more resilient and less stressed!

Looking after ourselves and staying healthy ensures we are not only able to focus on our goals and ambitions, it means we are also able to adapt to any challenges that may be thrown our way!

Final Thoughts

Taking the time to be organised can make a huge difference in how your daily life runs. It’s important to remember though that you don’t have to completely remodel your life in any one day, and that consistency plays a big part in achieving this goal.

Setting small, achievable goals every day and committing to them will help you build good habits over time. Just take it slow and steady, practice makes perfect! While some of these habits may feel alien, to begin with, they may just become second nature before you know it.

All in all, having a little organisation in your life will have so many positive benefits, from feeling less overwhelmed by clutter and chaos to proactive planning that leaves time and room for those fun activities you love doing. So why not start today? Get organised, stay organised and who knows what amazing things can follow!

Thanks so much for stopping by, I appreciate every one of you who takes the time to read and make it to the end! I have lots of exciting new content coming in the next few weeks so make sure you pop back to catch up!

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